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Our Vision

The Malawi Washington Foundation will service the needs of those left out of mainstream development by “Bridging Global Communities for A Better Future!”


Our Mission

The Malawi Washington Foundation is committed to improving and strengthening the lives of vulnerable families and communities, so that they become successful contributors of society at large. The Foundation aims to  provide services and support sustainable programs for the poor, especially women and youth.


Our Initiative

The Malawi Washington Foundation (MWF) received an unprecedented number of appeals to financially support

over 20 marginalized students in good academic standing for the upcoming academic year.

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Take Part

Become a Member

  • Membership Dues: $100 per year (all dues are used to support MWF initiatives)

Sponsor a scholar

  • Individual or group sponsorships 

  • Meet the recipients 


  • Donate online

Scope of work

The Malawi Washington Foundation is registered as a non-profit in the District of Columbia, however the work of the Foundation spans beyond the Washington DC metropolitan area. Since 2009, the Foundation has been raising funds to support its mission and initiatives and began to prioritize membership and related dues as another way to help augment fundraising

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